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. lou: he felt like he could have been in the right because didn't obama and dry and both say they did not know whether was a terrorist attack right away. lou: but everyone else did, apparently. it seems to me it peculiar defense to say it is okay, just the president and vice-president of the united states who don't know what's going. >> what is it that he could have said? yes, we did not, suld have known. lou: here is a radical -- if i may proffer something radical the would be, i think, just an exclusive response, the truth. i know that is an untested. the think there is going to be an insistence. i really do. it is going in -- >> but people don't make -- boat based on forei policy for the most part. >> but the way that it is changing. lou: kiddy have done better in the early he hanled wa a manic strategy on the part of the vice-president? >> i think he did very well, and we get to know and. kudos for the job he did. >> said think he was very long winded, thrown off his game, but i admire the fact that he tried to stay fcused and was very factual. >> you was not thrown off. lou: the
't that screaming for women to vote for obama and biden? >> i think so. any states rights argument should send a chill down people's spines, especially those who have been discriminated against by legislatures and how disengenerous they are of legislation. they're definitely going to sign an anti-abortion ban. and the supreme court that's something we have not heard enough about on any side. the liberal justices on the supreme court are older. they are the votes that are up holding planned parenthood versus casey which is what we have in stead of roe v. wade. traditionally this has been a really gimme for social conservatives when they don't get all their legislative priorities they get justices like alito and roberts. >> michael: it's the only enduring legacy of any president, the appointment of supreme courts and i think they should talk about lily ledbetter more. that speaks to women of all stripes. staff writer irin carmon. it was an interesting conversation. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> michael: another important issues that you did not hear in last night's debate is climat
. that was a missed opportunity. >> barack obama state senator. >> laura: thanks so much, guys. when we come right back. new polling in two key swing states show romney is ahead. we will talk to two pollsters about what the latest numbers mean. and also a preview of next week's presidential debate after a miserable performance in the first. will president obama try to channel his inner biden? right back. >> laura: in the factor original section. ed as member is known for left wing politics. is he still supporting president obama? he recently sat down with bill o'reilly. >> i hear you are going to vote mitt romney coming up in november is that right? >> you said that, what? >> bill: mitt romney has your vote this november. >> i certainly don't brag about obama having my vote. i don't think he has been a strong leader. i think he has been deficient in his financial efforts in stimulating the economy. >> bill: see, let's just -- in case people don't know you. >> yeah. >> you are a socialist, right? >> yes. >> bill: you are a socialist? >> yeah. >> bill: when you hear people say barack obama is a soci
lambasting him right and left. so his job was to go out there, meet this for the obama campaign strategy, refute it, call them out on it, and generally not put in any big errors that would in any way dominate the discussion in the days after. and to that extent he did do that. >> one of the features of this debate was the biden mannerisms and his behavior. biden-interruptous you might call it. let's look at it. >> here's the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggy bank for obamacare. their own act tear from the administration came to congress and said one of out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business as a result of this. >> that's not what they said. >> 7.4 million seasoners are projected to lose the current medicare advantage they have, that's a $3,200 benefit cut. >> that didn't happen. more people signed up. >> these are from -- >> more people signed up for medicare advantage after the change. >> but there's nobody -- >> mr. vice president. >> no. >> mr. vice president i know you are under a lot of duress to
department for what they see is the president obama's inconsistent response to the attacks. >> eric: and live to afghanistan to check in with colonel oliver north. he's on a special training mission. you won't want to miss. that is underway right now. >> arthel: first, governor romney gearing up his second showdown debate with president obama, just moments ago, the governor wrapping up a spirited campaign rally in the battle ground state of ohio after spending much of the morning preparing for that debate. we have live team coverage of the candidates' final sprint to election day. ed henry is traveling with the president in williamsburg, ridge verge. we'll go first to carl cameron who is traveling with mitt romney in lebanon, ohio. hey, carl. >> hi. a huge crowd here. governor romney wrapped up his event. we're right in the middle of opportunity to debt non, historic part of the community. thousands of people in the street. you can't see him hitting -- you can see him hitting his stride, seeing polls surge. over the course of today, this is his third event. today both he and his running mate,
to its proprietor, joyce berg? >> right now, the markets are favoring obama. if you look at the winner-take- all market, that market is showing that our traders believe there's an 80% chance obama will get more than 50% of the popular vote. >> reporter: that was before the first presidential debate, however. the odds are now much lower. but they're still above 60% that president obama will win the popular vote. so, who's right, the professors, the pollsters, or the plungers? lets start with economics professor ray fair. fair's equation uses just four variables to figure each candidates odds: incumbency-- a sitting president has an edge; party-- being a republican seems to help; inflation rate-- the lower the better; rate of income growth per person-- the higher the better. so, this year? >> the model says its a very close election predicted. if the economy were booming, the equation would be predicting a pretty substantial obama victory. if the economy were going into a recession, it would be a substantial romney victory. the economy's more or less in between. >> reporter: unlike most
institute. >> right now, pew has romney up by three points. gallup has obama up by five points in their seven-day track, but since the debate they have obama up by just three points. >> reporter: or how about old friend ray fair, an economist we've been visiting every four years since the george h.w. bush administration. he's got an economic model. >> so right at this moment, its 49.5% of the two-party vote for obama. >> reporter: so the polls and models call it a toss-up. but curiously, the betting public tells a very different story. online betting prediction markets, like ireland's intrade, which takes bets from americans, and england's betfair, which doesnt, have made obama the strong favorite for months. the lone domestic and entirely legal betting haven, the iowa electronic markets at the university of iowa. ever frugal, we asked hari srinivasan, our man in the midwest-- at least last week-- to drop in. >> sreenivasan: this is the entire iowa electronic market? >> this is our server room right here. >> sreenivasan: so the entire prediction markets right here? >> in that l
for being too cool. is this like the goldilocks debate? too hot, too cool and just right next week? >> obama has a challenge because after being so low key at the first one, he has to come out swinging at the one on tuesday. you know, he can't be two different personalities. but the fact is -- there's a lot at stake at these debates. it's not just about the undecided vote. there's a lot of down ticket races here in california that depend on democrats being excited about getting out there to vote. we heard nancy pelosi this week at willie brown's breakfast. she talked about the democratic chances of getting back the house. they need 25 seats to do that. according to pelosi, that's going to be done. a lot of political strategists say no way, it's not going to happen. but even here in the bay area, you know, there's some seats, when you talk about jerry mcnurny, these are seats that would go either way and it really depends on democrats getting out there. >> i find some irony that so many democrats didn't like the redistricting process and yet it now appears that they have an opportunity to win
. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox news channel. we will see you next week. >> gregg: president obama and mitt romney gearing up their second debate. governor romney will look to keep his momentum going after a strong debated performance last week-week in denver. president obama meanwhile, has promised a more aggressive style in round two. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. we have live team coverage of the candidates final sprint to election day. ed henry following the president in the state of virginia where he is hunk, down and chief political correspondent carl cameron with governor romney where he is holding two rallies. let's go to carl in lebanon? >> parts of ohio -- so much so -- big bird is part of the campaign talk. >> gregg: we do apologize for some of the audio break up in carl cameron's piece which he is fro lebanon, ohio right now. we'll get back to him in a moment. now to virginia where president obama will spend the next three days preparing for tuesday's rematch with his republican rivals. ed henry is live in williamsb
. >> patti ann: right now president obama is hard at work in virginia getting ready for this week's second presidential debate. he faced some tough criticism from both sides of the aisle after the first debate. he is hoping to come back stronger on tuesday. ed henry is live with more in williamsburg, virginia. hi, ed. >> great to see you. they didn't pick virginia by accident. obviously the battle ground state is an opportunity to do debate prep in a state where you want to reach out to voters, you want to get in the local news here, sort of get the vote out if you will. the bottom line is the president knows he didn't get the job done in the first debate. you talked to a senior advisors, they know he's got to buckle down here. he's at a peaceful place. great weather in williamsburg. i don't think the president will enjoy too much of that. he's going to be behind closed doors for some of this prepping. they've added a new person to the mix. ben rhodes will be part of this because national policy will be part of the town hall meeting on tuesday, in addition to domestic policy. also still ha
that will be my best short of the week if you think obama has his game back. right back to there bottom line, a lot of earnings coming out next week. a lot of process. you really have to process everything, just make sure you stop. you look, you listen, before you do anything hasty. that kind of information, we'll do our best to process and profit one of the busiest weeks we get every cycle year. greg in new jersey. greg. >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah right back at you. >> caller: jim, with the travel stock taking hate today, what is the future prospects for priceline, given the economic sluggishness, particularly in europe? >> well, remember, it's a beneficiary so far, and i hate to put priceline in the same sentence as travel zoo. travel zoo has been defrocked here. i still like priceline. people are ringing the register to raise cash in the game. you have a list of stocks to focus on and process in earnings season. remember, the best short of the week, may indeed be if you think the president has got game to bet against peabody energy when you go to work monday morning. "ma
. >> but michelle obama goes on the view, nobody is complaining about that. >> right. there is a double standard. eric eric son he called it media incest. he rat md off hundred examples of this. to compare to what you are seeing on tv. >> you mean the revolving door, all married to everybody. >> this is threat to media as an impartial, independent institution in our country. >> we left that a long time ago. >> don't you think we should say it. >> while juan and cal fight, next on news watch another ap photo controversy. oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>. >>> under the heading bay yased words, benjamin netanyahu was delivering his speech to the u.n. the image making it appear that he was giving a nazi salute. this week, another controversy caused by an ap photo. governor rom made a stop in fairfield, virginia
administration. was that really appropriate right in the middle of the crisis? >> on that same day the obama administration had the exact same position. let's recall that they disavowed their own statement that they had put out earlier in the day in cairo. so we had the same position. but it's never too early to speak out for our values. we should have spoken out right away when the green revolution was up and starting, when the mullahs in iran were attacking their people. we should not have called the share assad a reformer when he was putting guns on his own people. we should always stand up for peace, for democracy, for individual rights and we should not be imposing these devastating defense cuts because what that does when we quiv kate on our values, when we show that we are fighting our own defense t makes us more weak t projects weakness. when we look weak our adversaries are much more will to -- >> with all due respect that is a bunch of malarkey. >> why is that so. >> not a single thing he said is accurate. first of all -- >> be specific. >> i will be very specific. number one, the
the strategy that the obama team has been using was just blanketed right over paul ryan in terms of combating mitt romney's varatay, his qualifications, his ability to direct policy, all of it. >> i also think that even though paul ryan is young, looks young, the fact is that he has -- he's an intellectual force in his party. he is a committee chairman. i just don't think that question has been raised and batted about him as much as it was say with sarah palin four years ago. it was a totally different dynamic. on the stage that you were four years ago. where one person was there sort of trying to prove that she belonged there. and i don't think -- gwen: and joe biden was trying to prove that he was not going to beat up on the girl essentially. he knew he had a reputation for being a bully. just like he had a reputation last night for being gaffe prone. and he didn't really make any big gaffes. >> can i say, though, what's easternic about the whole thing is yes, he's -- ironic about the whole thing is yes, he's being known as gaffe prone, he was on the split screen laughing and grinning. and
journal." my good friend christine romans is the host of "your botto line" right here on cnn. folks, no party or ideological spin today, no using the name obama or the term democrat. pain the me a picture of what the world looks like under romney four years from now using specifics. you can't say things like it will be better, we'll be safer, everyone will be richer. tell me exactly what happens, the good and the bad. kevin you're responsible for writing some of the policy. i don't go first. >> yes, thanks, ali. i have to say i agree with your setup exactly. i commend your show for really being one of the only places that's talking about the storm in europe. the fact is the world economy is flowing. the u.s. economy is slowing. we're growing probably around 1% in the second half. the fact going forward is if the world economy will turn around, the u.s. will have to be the leader we can't count on europe to start booming and buying all of our stuff and drive growth. and so i think that the u.s. can be a leader regardless of who's president if we do a couple of things. we need what we
. >> obama has a dream. a dream from his father, that the sins of colonialism be set right and america be downsized. >> now, according to "the washington post," here's what the movie tells viewers. if the president is re-elected the world four years from now will be darkened by the clouds of economic collapse, world war iii and a terrifyingly ascended new united states of islam in the middle east. that view of what obama would do as hand called a deliberate distortion of the president's way of thinking about ut it did make me think about giving you, perhaps, a less politicized version of the next few years and here are three quick snapshots. first of all, health care. that's the big one. obama's first term legacy. by 2016 obama care will be fully entrenched, its provisions almost entirely phased in and 30 million more americans will be covered by health care. second, taxes. if you are in the top 2% of earners you will pay more under obama's plan. marginal tax rates for families making more than $250,000 will go back to clinton era rates, 39.6% versus 35%. the rich will pay higher inves
record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone to run from. that was what president obama said in 2008. that's what he is doing right now. >> sean: that's exactly what the vice-president did in last night's debate. forget the record, uncle joe did everything in his power to hide from his boss's failures and used the left's favorite tactic, divisive class warfare. >> they are holding hostage the middle class tax cut to the super wealthy. the middle class got knocked on their heels. the great recession crushed them. they need some help now. whatever you call it, the bottom line is people are going to have to pay more money out of their pocket and the families i know, they don't have the money. they are holding hostage, the middle-class tax cut because they say we won't continue the middle-class tax cut unless you give the tax cut for the super wealthy. look, folk, use your common sense. who do you trust on this? >> sean: all right, joining me with analysis, charles krauthammer. you know, he also said holding hostage, they are down on america, they bet against america. you know, i
is trying to get out of the deficit that obama created in the first -- >> bob: that's exactly right. >> dana: biden had a different job last night. actually paul ryan's job was to appeal to seniors and to women. i think he nailed that. and so, whereas some of the other lines he might not have won the point, actually overall he won overall with his base, too. >> andrea: if the strategy is to rally the base, the base is women. the democratic base. war on women. they went in to this, pew research found that 51% of voters already had an unfavorable view of the vice president. he did himself no favors. >> eric: that is an important poll. i bet that number goes up after that. he was not likable. everything he did, the smilin smiling, smugness, he cut off paul ryan 82 times in 90 minutes. that is almost impossible to do. the other thing is "wall street journal" points this out. he was on the attack. they call it bully versus the wonk. he was on the attack. meaning joe biden, all night. every time he attacked paul ryan on a topic, it was wrong. his facts were -- >> bob: it was not wrong. >> eric: th
. that was a rout. >> greta: all right. the next mitt romney/president obama debate is next week. what do you expect president obama's going to do in light testify fact that he -- you know, he had a bad time last week? >> i think there is tremendous pressure on him. i really do. i don't think there is pressure on romney. there is always pressure. but i think there is tremendous pressure on president obama to perform because if he doesn't, it's going to be devastating. if he is and acts the way he did in the last debate, it will be, in my opinion... potentially election losing. so i think he is under tremendous pressure. then you say to yourself, why will he do better, if he did that poorly, why is he going to do better? i will say this, if you look at mitt romney, he's somebody that really does react well under pressure because he went to florida. he had to have good debates against a great debater because as you know, newt is a terrific debater and terrific guy. and he did fantastically in those two debates. and so, you know, he really reacted well under pressure. he then went here and things weren
supporting president obama right now. that is down where traditionally catholics have been much higher for democrats. none the less still a pretty large margin. >> it is and it is surprising to me particularly in light of how proabortion the obama administration has been and how he has come out for same sex marriage, clearly in opposition to catholic church teaching. and especially in relationship to this. now, what joe by deb is probably parsing here -- biden is parsing here is the only way you can get away with it is say we are not providing the contraceptives our insurance companies are. so it's a transference. it's still your money going to the insurance company and the insurance company is providing it it's a nice way to try to trick the system. i think people have of integrity know that if it's still your money essentially that's providing it doesn't matter if you are using a third party to do it. it's like saying i didn't buy those drugs. i gave the money to a kid who went out and bought the drugs. it's ridiculous. >> i haven't heard a lot about it on the campaign trail. maybe w
overwhelminingly wh married white women. obama wins overwhelmingly with single younger women. >> and women of color. >> right, and minority women. so where he's going to make up the difference. there was obviously a shift in polling. i think it was because of, partially because of obama's very weak performance. he was -- for people who thought he was this great messiah who was going to fight for them and he's right, they didn't see that, and mitt romney gave an opportunity, it gave mitt romney an opportunity to for people to actually listen to what romney has to offer, and i think that people said to themselves, oh, okay. he has a they had an opportunito hear that, particularly women, and that's partially why i think those polls shifted. romney needs to stay consistent with that message between now and the election and not get caught up in some of the other red herring herrings of you sais before political web social issues can get him into trouble because he's been all over the place, the message is a little off. >> he's gone from being a flip-flopper to too clever and women see through that. >>
presidential debate. >> right. >> in the eight polls that were released in the week immediately before the debate, obama had a lead of 3.6 percentage points on average. in the seven polls that had been released so far in the week after the debate, romney has an average lead of 1.3 percentage points. that's a net turnaround of about 5 percentage points, which is very significant in race this close. there are some commentators who are saying the race is back where it was before the conventions. i don't think that's right if you look at the data. romney is in a stronger position now than he was in in august. >> so is romney, is it fair to say romney is actually leading or is this essentially a tie? >> it's essentially a tie right now. the data is so close. but romney was behind by a field goal, now he's kicked a field goal and we have a tie race going into the final weeks. >> what voter groups have moved in the last three weeks? are you talking about independents, are you talking about specific demographic groups? who has moved? >> well, one group that hasn't moved are the strong partisan
are the top stories right now. back to you. >> peter thank you very much. the obama administration is taking heat for the handling of the terror attack in benghazi and lawmakers are determine to get to the bottom of what happened in libya. here's more in washington with the latest to get those answers. >> they started to investigate the lib raattack. the republican senator who lead the security committee said there is a full acting. and they say in a statement we intend to examine the circumstances before and during and after the attack including threat aware and communication among the intelligence commount and state department and white house . we want to fully understand why the administration's assessment of the attack were proven inaccurate. they are fielding a lot of questions after joe biden said we were not told they wanted more security in libya. it is handled by security personnel at the state department. so that i think is very clear if you look at it in context of what the vice-president responded to. to this day we don't have a complete picture. we do not have all of the answers
cament starts right now. uma pemmaraju. >> over the next few days, president obama and governor romney will get deep in the debate prep for tuesday. obama looks to make up for the last debate performance romney looks to build on his momentum. karl cameron is traveling with the romney campaign and has more. >> we are live on the romney press bus in central ohio on the way to fort smith where governor romney will have a rally in a while. early this morning, he was taking part in the debate prep and he spent time sparring with his shadow boxers rob portman who plays the role of president obama . paul ryan is campaigning in ohio. big crowd and was aggressively going after the president on china policy. foreign policy will be a big part of the last debate. today paul ryan going after the president for not cracking down on china for the alleged currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. let's listen. >> the administration had their eighth chance to label china a currency manipulator. they will push the deadline until after the election. eight opportunities to say play fair with us and
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 145 (some duplicates have been removed)